First take

on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's Begin

Words to send shivers up the spine of someone about to be spanked, after the lecture and the removal of undergarments. Or maybe all garments. A person sprawled over a lap, or otherwise bent so that his or her butt is easily accessible to the spanker.

Ahem. They're also good words to start a new blog where such topics as adult spanking will come under discussion. The words I'm likely to hear if (when) my husband finds out about it. Ah, well, life's all about risks, isn't it? Besides, there's always the part where I tearfully apologize, we kiss, and we make up, right?

I'm going to be in such trouble if I continue in that vein. Yes, I will tell him, probably this weekend. He'll want to read it. He might spank me or he might not. We don't live in a domestic discipline household, although he likes to be the head of the household from time to time. I think it's mostly because of the generation from which we come, not because he's a dominant. Sometimes, I wish he were, but I'm not sure how well we'd actually do in such a relationship.

I'm a writer who also has an interest in adult spanking, BDSM, and romance. As I work my way toward be a published writer of adult kinky romances, this is a place for me to try stuff out. It's also a place to talk about other topics that have to do with spanking and sex and anything else that crosses my febrile brain. Feel free to comment. I really like it if you did.

I'm also a polymer clay artist and sometimes I like to make stuff that, ah, references my kink. This is where I get to post those pictures! If I can figure out the how of it, some of what I make will be for sale. Again, I look forward to your comments.

So, this is where we start.

Thank you, sir, may I have another?


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